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When Princess Caeri is ordered by the ruler of a neighbouring kingdom to assist an ancient wizard use magic to defeat evil, she's a reluctant conscript. She must leave her father and the security of her home and encounter the unfamiliar, not least King Arturo.

King Arturo is captured by malevolent Yuthork. A desperate Caeri and her new friends must rescue him using all the magic they possess. If not, the world as they know it will cease to be.

As they journey on their dangerous quest, they're joined by a cast of exceptional and diverse individuals.

Will they be in time to rescue Arturo? Will they all survive?

Hop aboard for a dizzying ride crammed with humour and heart-stopping adventure.

TESTIMONIALS - The Wizard’s Conscript


This is a fantastic adventure story! It’s aimed for teens, but as an adult, I enjoyed it too! With a world map, list of characters and world building glossary, lovers of wizards and fantasy will find this novel a real treat.

Carol Convine, published author of fan fiction and writer of contemporary and historical fiction.


What a great read! While The Wizard’s Conscript was written for 10+ year olds, it was thoroughly enjoyed by this 60 year old. Filled with great characters, loads of excitement and drama, this book delivers a rollicking good adventure from beginning to end.

Lorena Chiappara, avid reader.


The Wizard’s Conscript has it all, including magic, mayhem and memorably good and evil characters. Middle Grade readers are in for a spell-binding adventure with captivating hold-your-breath moments!

Vanda Vadas, bestselling author of historical fiction.

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