There's None So Blind

The previous short story, Threading Pearls, was inspired by my mother’s mother. I’ve a lot more family history to utilise in my writing, in particular a branch of my father’s family. His maternal grandmother’s past was a mystery. Adopted by a New South Wales family on the Hawkesbury, it wasn’t until a decade ago I uncovered her story. And what a story! My quiet, jam-making great-grandmother had, unbeknown to her, a duke for a 3xggrandfather, and another an earl. These connections lent added notoriety to her great-grandfather’s scandalous 1790s divorce, and provided inspiration for my short story, There’s None So Blind. The story appeared in a 2009 Romance Writers of Australia anthology, when

Threading Pearls

Before World War 1, my maternal grandmother migrated to Australia from Argentina with her widowed father and six of her siblings. She was the eldest of eleven children. Next, there were four boys, all of whom remained in Patagonia, and took over management of the cattle ranch from their father. The impact this move must have had on Mathilde’s life! Previously accustomed to servants taking care of the chores, she was now obliged to care for her much younger siblings. They travelled to Australia via Europe and South Africa. Mathilde had a romance with a ship’s doctor. But that’s all it was—a shipboard romance. A decade or so later she married my grandfather. His family, too, had come from Arge

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