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I look forward every August to the Romance Writers of Australia conference. It moves to a different capital city each year. The most recent was in Sydney. Next year, it’s Melbourne’s turn.

The conference is a chance to be with my tribe. It offers writers the opportunity to network, attend workshops, even pitch to editors and agents. Then there’s the Awards Dinner. Not to mention the cocktail party—always great fun.

This year, at the cocktail party, I was front and centre to receive a “first sale” ribbon, for my historical romance The Heart Has Its Reasons. It was a right royal night because every year there’s a different theme, and “royalty” was chosen for 2018. Many tiaras were in the room! I decided this time to wear plain clothes, though there was one memorable year when I was decked out as Carmen Miranda (in a dress!), with a tonne of fruit on my turban. No, really, I’m not that ancient. Just a fan of old movies.

Through RWA I’ve made lasting friendships, especially with the members of our critique group, Hearts of Gold. We regard each other as family and offer honest criticism that can sometimes be devastating, lots of praise, and support when the going gets tough. Just as members of a real family should.

I recommend you visit the Romance Writers of Australia website to see what we’re all about. Even if your writing’s not strictly romance, our tribe might just be what you’re looking for.

Check us out!

The Heart Has Its Reasons is available for ORDER by clicking this link



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