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So Where To Next?

Do I revise my Young Adult fantasy story, with its parallel-world medieval setting?

Should I write the next chapter in my family saga series?

Decisions, decisions.

Actually, I should be concentrating on the promotion of The Heart Has Its Reasons, but to paraphrase Robert Burns: “The best laid plans…”

I’ve been ill. Not to be too dramatic, but I’m not in a good place health-wise and I have a pressing engagement with a surgeon. Then there’s my mother’s dramatic decline in health, her sudden move to a nursing home, and all the angst and paperwork that that’s entailed. When everything happens over Christmas, well, the hassles are multiplied. Plus I couldn’t fly to Sydney to take care of things. It was left to my partner to do what he could during a quick 24 hour trip. Add to that work involving disposal of the contents of my mother’s home, and getting it ready for sale. As I’m now an only child, it falls to me to deal with this, and that’s not possible until I recover from surgery.

Promoting my book would be a doddle in comparison!

So everything’s on hold for another 5 weeks at least. Then it’s all systems go! But while I’m confined to barracks, I can at least peruse books about the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and plan. Yes, I have the framework for another story inspired by my family. Three generations on from Nathaniel and Rachel’s eventful lives. A story that’s a little different. But you can be sure there’s romance at its centre.

Watch this space!

The Heart Has Its Reasons is available for ORDER by clicking this link



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