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Tempus Fugit

A dear friend’s recent heart-breaking loss of a loved one brings home just how tenuous is our hold on life. We’re here for such a brief time, even those of us who make it past three score years and ten.

If you’ve the urge to write, finding time to do so is difficult when others want a piece of you. These days, with computers, novels can be written faster than was possible with typewriters (and just think of Charles Dickens churning out all those serials by hand!). But in this computer age, trying to promote and market a book can still be time consuming, especially when you’re a technophobe.

This past week has required mastery of a new computer—sorted!—and now another iPhone (not so sorted!). I so wish I could be writing, rather than having to deal with that stuff.

So, I press on, trying to make sense of it all, in order to get back to the work-in-progress.

Whenever it all seems too hard, I think of Mary Ann Shaffer, author of the wonderful book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. Because Mary Ann’s book was published posthumously. She didn’t get to enjoy its success.

Something similar occurred with Call the Midwife, the memoirs of Jennifer Worth. She did see her work published, and helped select the actors for the TV series, but died before it went to air.

I’ve seen friends write wonderful stories and novels, but never send them out. How can they bear not to, after all that work?

No time to waste. So many stories to write. See you later!

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