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The Kindness Of Authors

Show me an author, and inevitably you’ll find a generous soul. Wherever they gather, you’ll find not just stimulating conversation about writerly matters, but a willingness to help and support you on your writing journey.

For example, The Romance Writers of Australia, through its competitions and members’ Facebook page and monthly newsletter, offers lots of assistance to the budding romance writer. Want an answer to a niggling writing problem? Most of us have been there, done that, and help is only a posted inquiry away. Added bonus? Well known Australian writers (not all strictly romance writers, either) will become Facebook “friends”.

Writer events are a terrific inspiration for the budding author. Check out your local library or favourite book store for events. I’ve enjoyed wonderful conversations with the likes of Val McDermid and Toni Jordan at these venues. An author might conduct writing classes at your library, too. Often they’re free.

I’ve emailed people like the British writer Andrew Taylor (love his historical novels) and received lengthy replies. Jane Wenham-Jones is another Brit, whose books on writing and columns in Writing Magazine, have been helpful. When I thanked her via email, she responded graciously, and we’re now “friends” on Facebook.

Some time ago I won a book by Di Morrissey, and wrote a thank you letter to her publishers. She sent a lovely note, offering to sign the book if I dropped it in at a Byron Bay bookshop, which I did, as I lived in the area.

Trust me, writers love feedback, (and I’d really enjoy some response to this blog!). So, if you want to write, don’t be shy. Engage with an author!

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