Love Never Dies

This story was inspired by current commemorations connected with the centenary of World War 1. When we think of wartime bombing of civilians, it’s invariably in connection with the Second World War, but during World War 1 England suffered many German bombing raids, initially by Zeppelins (557 killed) and then by bomber planes (835 deaths). To people in those days, unused to the sight of aerial machines, daylight raids were particularly dangerous. Many of them stood about, fascinated, watching the aircraft, sometimes with dire consequences. My story was prompted by reading about these civilian deaths. For example, on 13 June 1917, a raid on London and Kent left 162 dead, including 18 children

In the Southern Wild

Red, scrubby terrain out near Broken Hill, where emus and kangaroos run wild, and feral goats almost outnumber the native wildlife. Remember

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