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Assisted Publishing

Okay, I’m a technophobe (and I’ve discovered in recent months that many friends and acquaintances share this failing).

A member of the writers’ critique group I belong to has published several novels and he and others in the group set up websites. I tried to do it, too. The website part, at least. Too hard!

Have I mentioned I love libraries? I believe the answer would be a resounding yes!

It was via the program of Gold Coast Libraries seminars, workshops and author presentations that I first encountered Ocean Reeve and his publishing expertise. I attended one of his seminars. He made sense. Was inspiring. Impressed, I dragged my partner John along to another of his presentations. My decision was made.

Once again, life got in the way, with travel, a touch of illness, but finally I got it together, and began the publishing journey.

I engaged my own editor—a friend’s wife, but highly qualified in the business. Apart from her assistance, Ocean organised it all: website, publication of the book and short stories as e-books, print books of the novel, audio book samples, author interview, and so much more. His mentoring program proved most helpful, too!

Of course, I’ve had to bite the bullet and learn more about technology. I’m still working my way around the highways and byways of Amazon, for example. I’ve by no means found it easy!

But I’ve come a long way since I started on the assisted publishing journey: to be better organised, to not sweat the small stuff. To enjoy the journey!

Did I mention that in a few months I’m going to participate in an author presentation with another author called Bronwyn? That’s exciting. At one of our local libraries, where my road to assisted publishing began.

The Heart Has Its Reasons is available for ORDER by clicking this link


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