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Looking For Inspiration

I’ve read countless books of advice for writers. Stephen King’s On Writing is still the winner, but one recommendation I remember from another source, its title lost in the mists of time, was: every week, visit another branch of the arts for inspiration. Take in a movie, go to a museum or art gallery. Maybe even try and create something yourself.

I’ve not seen many movies in recent years. It was only the other day I caught up with the Australian film, Looking for Alibrandi. Eighteen years late.

Museums, particularly art galleries, are my thing.

Two years ago I visited the Victoria and Albert museum in London. What a wealth of artefacts it holds! So much inspiration for a writer of historical novels. Likewise the beautiful little Greenwich Fan Museum.

Look at paintings and other objects. They don’t have to be old. Look into them and be inspired by the story they tell.

Mr Google can throw up many reproductions of paintings. Type in the name of an artist, and see what appears. My favourite, Joseph Wright of Derby, conjurs up scenes of Italy, of places in England, and of family groups. What’s going on in that family? What are its dynamics?

Joseph’s self portraits inspired me to place an artist character in my book, The Heart Has Its Reasons. His paintings of people connected to my family made real the characters I wrote about.

Now, I’m looking for inspiration for a new book. I have the characters, the story is sketched out, but their personal possessions, their clothing, their jewellery? I’ve been Googling, and visiting museums, and having a fine old time.

Where might you find your inspiration?

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