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True Love Is Constant

Eva wants a man, at least her older sister Babs thinks she does. Eva, while envying her sister’s marital bliss, protests she’s given up trying to find love. But Babs hasn’t given up wanting to help!

Again, a central character who’s a librarian. But that’s about the only connection with the previous short story, Spring Has Sprung.

True Love Is Constant was inspired by the beautiful park-like setting where my eldest son Steve married Anita. I might add, there weren’t any flamboyant wedding planners present on that occasion! Tim, like the other characters in this story, is a figment of my over-active imagination.

If you look at my author Facebook page, you’ll see I have an obsession with gardens and parks and beautiful flowers. Which is probably why I’m pestered by FB ads for gardening magazines and the like!

Almost all the photographs I use on FB and this blog, and for my short story covers, are by my husband John, a former press photographer, though occasionally I slip in a pic that I’ve taken.

Down the track, there’ll be some old family photos here on the blog and, of course, all the photography and design of the cover of my book The Heart Has Its Reasons, released later this year, has been undertaken by professionals. It looks so beautiful, I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this story, and the six short stories still to come.

True Love Is Constant is available for FREE by clicking this link

followed by the cover of the book. Enjoy.


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